Lizzie (izzil) wrote in anti_label,

fuck labels!

I am sick of fucking labels, everytime you hear someone talking about another person you here them say this white guy or this black guy etc. Who fucking cares what color their skin is, it's what inside that counts. I say dare to challenge yourself not to feed into the label system and don't use these stupid descriptions to classify people. He or she doesn't have to be the Mexican or the Indian, he could just be a guy, or girl. People are cool or they're dicks, but we have dicks of every color so who fucking cares what color the dick is, the point is he or she's a dick. Granted it is also another label I guess, but fuck, this is 2006 and people are still living like it's two hundred years ago in some places. If you fuckers wanna hate something, hate the fucking government that is force-feeding you propaganda and lies so you would believe that our nation is fighting a rightous war on terror. Sad fact is that the U.S.A. has mastered the Nazi's propaganda techniques and are trying to make Americans afraid to be free. This administration has taken away more American rights in 6 years then all the administrations in our nations history have combined. You tell me how to feel, how to live, how to act? FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKERS! I am supposed to fear terrorists because they killed Americans, FUCK you bitches let it happen so you would have an excuse to fight your little economy boosting wars with little or no resistance. Fuck you Uncle Sam... right in your rudy poo candy ass!
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