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Labels are for soup cans.

Hi, I'm Viktoria and I just joined this community. I hate being labeled and having people try to censor me. My favorite band is Rammstein. I do not worship Satan because I wear black and I do not follow Hitler because I am German. btw- I would like to make some friends while I'm here. That's it for right now.
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friend made. glad u joined, everyone hates labels here. lol I liek rammstein too
Peeps at my school acuse me of putting spells on them because I wear black and like rock music. It's crazy!
I hope everyone stops saying you worship satan and follow Hitler soon.
I feel you. I do not worship satan becuase I wear black. I just like black!! and I don't follow becuase I am Germen also!! Too bad youc an at least wear black instead of wearing a uniform to school -_-