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DNT PUT LABELS ON US' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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fuck labels! [29 Apr 2006|04:53am]

I am sick of fucking labels, everytime you hear someone talking about another person you here them say this white guy or this black guy etc. Who fucking cares what color their skin is, it's what inside that counts. I say dare to challenge yourself not to feed into the label system and don't use these stupid descriptions to classify people. He or she doesn't have to be the Mexican or the Indian, he could just be a guy, or girl. People are cool or they're dicks, but we have dicks of every color so who fucking cares what color the dick is, the point is he or she's a dick. Granted it is also another label I guess, but fuck, this is 2006 and people are still living like it's two hundred years ago in some places. If you fuckers wanna hate something, hate the fucking government that is force-feeding you propaganda and lies so you would believe that our nation is fighting a rightous war on terror. Sad fact is that the U.S.A. has mastered the Nazi's propaganda techniques and are trying to make Americans afraid to be free. This administration has taken away more American rights in 6 years then all the administrations in our nations history have combined. You tell me how to feel, how to live, how to act? FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKERS! I am supposed to fear terrorists because they killed Americans, FUCK you bitches let it happen so you would have an excuse to fight your little economy boosting wars with little or no resistance. Fuck you Uncle Sam... right in your rudy poo candy ass!
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new member [28 Apr 2006|09:37am]

Hi! I like the idea of this journal and what it's trying to do (which, my guess is, be yourself). Unfortunately, you will always be labeled. It is hardwired into our brain to associate what we perceive. For example, when you see the word 'student' you often think of school, books, studying, whatever. But you can't NOT think of anything at all.

I guess the best thing to do is to stop caring about what labels are put on you. If anything, you can use it to your advantage. For example, I dress 'professionally' because people are much more likely to listen to my ideas. If I am heard, my ideas will more likely be implemented, thereby furthuring my plans to take over the world.

Anyway, I actually just wanted to post this video I made for a song called 'writing love songs will never help me get chicks' I think you guys might like it.

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NEW MEMBER [20 Jan 2006|09:48pm]

Hi, I have just discovered this community, and I think it is really good. Everyone calls me this little emo basically.. which I am not atall. Its only because of the way I dress..
so yea. This community looks really interesting. :)
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[25 Nov 2005|11:20pm]

[ mood | determined ]

it happened so, that I saw this community only today. But it does look really great, I mean the whole idea.
But maybe the problem is somewhat wider than someone thinks. Labelling is practised not only in music styles or something. U know, there's something else, something we can't tune out, like labelling whole nations or countries. What do U think about this kind of things?
For instance, what do U think of Russia??

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[26 Sep 2005|11:50pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Do it. [17 Jul 2005|08:43pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[07 Jul 2005|10:18pm]
hey whats up my name is brandon im in a posi band from western mass that mixes metal,hardcore,grind,and melody. we just put up 2 new songs. please check them out along with 2 older ones at.


leave a comment and let us know what ya think.

thank you

art is lost
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[31 May 2005|06:28pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I love the hypocrasy of this journal {I've been a long time member and I can't remembe why}

Don't Label Us...you have already labeled yourselves! You may not have a common label like gothic, punk, emo or pop princess, but you have given yourself the label of "no label" or "I am nothing" which is still a label.

You can't escape the world of labels...even if you try.

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[27 May 2005|10:27pm]


Hi I'm Katey and I'm 13 years old...some of my favorite bands are Linkin Park, KoRn, Muse, Slipknot, and System of a Down...I joined because I hate when people call me gothic even though I'm not. I'M NOTHING CLOSE TO GOTHIC. I'm not even punk, but then there's people who are like, "Oh you like KoRn? That's gothic music, so you're gothic ." And that really bugs me because I'm not and even if I WAS, WHO CARES?! PPL DON'T NEED LABELS! THATS WHY I JOINED!!! THANKS SO MUCH! :-D

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[03 May 2005|09:31pm]

[ mood | thankfull ]

So this is how I am right now on the emotional chart. no one updates anymore with stories or anything. its annoying me alot. So Im going to to tell everyone a story of what happened one day at a target here in sarasota, Florida. Its a short story and a funny one none the least.

story: at target one day me and my mom are at target walking down the back main hallway on the way to the electronics and on the way there we pass a mother and daughter(about 10) and when passing the mother starts praying at me and clenching her daughters hand like i had a demon possesing me or something of the sort. I stop and give the woman a look and receit the verse in Psalms that says God has sheilded himself in darkness as protection. The woman on the other hand stood there staring at me till she told her daughter to go to the toy section and look at barbies then she looked at me once more then walked away. we later saw her daughter alone in the makeup session and she saw me and told me to come to her and tell her more of what i had said and why i am the way i am. I smiled and said. God loves me weither Im in pure white or pure black. She smiled and said her favorite color was black but her mom only buys her pink clothes. she gave me a hug. i felt special. she was so sweet. her name was Isabel. she had dark blackish brown hair and a heart to love. Found out she was 10 and a half years old and goes to a school new age school in tampa but she wishes she could find out more about Chrsitianity. I had a small bible in my backpact i had with me for some reason i had forgotten about till then so i gave it to her and i bookmarked the page in Psalms where that verse was. We both left the vacant part of the store seperately so her overpertected mother wouldnt see us. I think that night she was finally relieved there was someone out there that cared about her to tell her about Jesus. *smiles*

shows i didnt just ignore the mothers looks when she saw me and i was glad i didnt. she knew i didnt care what she thought or what she said but i hope she knew there was no way she could win that conversation. *smiles*


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[12 Apr 2005|04:01pm]



(to see them you have to join!)
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[10 Apr 2005|10:22pm]


in making... join and post... billy lovers
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[03 Apr 2005|01:15pm]


Billy Martin community peps. only for fanatics of billy and his sexxy self. bi1lym4r7in  lol yes i know some 1337. it wouldnt let me do anymore 1337 on it which sucked but yeah apply. <333

~lai lai

me now   very different from previous post pic.  hehe me and my sexxy hair


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Labels are for soup cans. [01 Mar 2005|09:48am]

[ mood | excited ]

Hi, I'm Viktoria and I just joined this community. I hate being labeled and having people try to censor me. My favorite band is Rammstein. I do not worship Satan because I wear black and I do not follow Hitler because I am German. btw- I would like to make some friends while I'm here. That's it for right now.

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[30 Mar 2005|02:08pm]


I hate being labeled. I being judged. I am myself and nothing else. It sucks that people have alittle group of friends that just surround eachother.  Im making the stand to break sterio types. comment for encouragement. ^_^ Im a Wanker-not a label just way of life. a wanker is friendto all, very emotional, poetic, artists, 1337, doesnt judge, has fun, gets depressed, split intrest  example of me: dancer, loves to cook.   lj layout designer/singer. yes im very different from everyone else. Im a Chrsitian/ friends with Homosexuals. how about that. i love all    no im not bi. I love to mosh its fun fun fun, i hatee drugs.

hehe thats me. <333

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[11 Mar 2005|07:51pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

work can pretty much include anything: art, sewing, music, writing, etc.
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Newbie [09 Mar 2005|08:27pm]

[ mood | labels suck! ]

Hi dudes.I just joined.
I hate being labeled.It's so annoying.
My fav. bands are linkin park, Slipknot, evanescence, System of a down, Stabbing Westward, Nine Inch Nails, Korn, Marylin Manson and many, many more.
I know what it feels like to be labeled.I get it every day and I hate it,thats why I joined this community.

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[13 Jan 2005|03:58pm]

[ mood | te-he ]

Hey im alison I just joined this community....

just incase you wanna know what i look like....

there ya go...

soo aahh whats up i guess?

[13 Jan 2005|11:53pm]

hey all

im new to the community, i dunno how often il be posting here but it seems like a good place to vent some stuff.....

so yeh one thing i really am hating lately, is of course, the way ppl treat me wen i tell them certain things about myself.

a big one lately is: virgin. for the life of me i cant understand why there is such a word for a person who hasnt had sex. i am 16. all my friends have had sex. whether it was just a one off thing they prob didnt even want to do, or some had just had sex for the first time, or some have sex allot on a regualar basis. I DONT BLOODY CARE. these are my best friends, people that i find to be the least judjemental ppl i my life, saying things to me like 'so wen are you gonna get laid, you should really get laid, ooh your the last virgin now wat ya gonna do about it and the most recent one (this was right infront of me, my 2 good friends, one who had only lost her virginity a week or 2 previously) out of nowhere says 'id hate to die a virgin.' i get obviously upset and pissed of about it. nothing. there has been times when i was ready to have sex with guys, but it just didnt happen 4 one reason or the other (no condom, no place to do it, woteva) im not a 'titearse' and ive done heaps of stuff with guys before, just not actuall sex. and i could have lost it before many of my friends but, apparently, this whole not being too worried about losing it to some random guy at a party thing just isnt acceptable and ppl are on my back about it. can u actually beleive that. i dont even think in terms of virgin and non virgin but its sad that my best friends and most of society does. i dont mean to be a whinging bitch but its just something that has been bugging me lately and anyones thoughts on this??
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[21 Dec 2004|03:01pm]

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